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Want to increase your life insurance sales
but don't know how?

You learned a lot of technical information to pass your life licensing exam. The problem is two fold:
1) life and living benefits knowledge needed to pass your life licensing exam doesn’t mean you have any ‘know how’ when it comes to selling life and living benefits insurance. To make matters worse the insurance industry’s definition of training is drowning you in product information, compliance processes and technological information which leaves you starving for marketing, prospecting, insurance sales skills and professional best practices that will help to avoid you being successfully sued.
2) If you got a life license in order to be able to round out your investment product offering with segregated funds or annuities, or to be able to legally split commissions with an insurance specialist – then you really have a bigger problem then you realize if you are NOT having the insurance conversation or introducing all of your clients to an insurance specialist!

Industry life and critical illness insurance guru, Sean Long and I are filing that gap with our Life & Living Benefits Insurance Professional Development Course which delivers …

  • an automatic referral system
  • how to make the investment sale and the insurance sale a holistic process
  • how to successfully cross sell multiple product lines
  • how to get introductions to other family members painlessly
  • how to make your sales process more effective
  • simplified financial planning
  • which questions to ask and when and how to ask them
  • successful approaches
  • how to turn the annual policy review into new sales
  • how to have the ‘kitchen table talk’ conversation where everyone wins
  • body language
  • how to translate the cost of insurance into what is meaningful to the prospect
  • how to answer objections
  • how to sell more permanent insurance
  • effective fact finding
  • how to handle the completion of applications
  • successful underwriting strategies from all perspectives
  • risk and how to get 40% more submitted applications issued
  • how to place rated policies

… and much more!

We have seen how this training and professional development leads to:

  • increased sales
  • more permanent insurance sales
  • bigger premiums / bigger pay days
  • higher ratios of submitted applications to placed business
  • advisors with more compliant insurance files
  • advisors being more successful while enjoying greater job satisfaction
  • better service of in force policies
  • reduced risk of client misunderstandings


for more details about this training, or E-mail me at because with the right tools there is infinite opportunity to turn your ‘knowledge into know how’ and help the buying public get the life and living benefits insurance coverage they need! And they need you!
The reason you need us is because as Sean says’there are only two (2) types of life licensed advisors – those who have been sued and those waiting to be sued … even in ‘retirement’!

“I think the service you provide (Insurance Know-How™) is invaluable to all agents, new and experienced. What you do and provide is something our industry really needs. I congratulate you and wish you well.”
Art Robson 42 year life insurance industry veteran and Top of The Table producer.

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