Got a problem?
“If you’ve got a problem turn it into a process.” Ben Feldman (1912 – 1993) business man and one of the most prolific sales people in world history.  A synonym for “process” is “system”.  Why use a system to enable the insurance conversation or positioning of an introduction to an insurance specialist in every client meeting? I think Wayne Cotton of Cotton Systems Inc. answers that question nicely with his acronym ….
     S – SAVE
       Y – YOURSELF
       T – TIME
       E – ENERGY
       M – MONEY

Systems are tracks to run on.  Consistent use of systems or processes that ensure all the bases have been covered every time, or all hand offs or introductions are done in the same way, build confidence, competence and trust for everyone involved in the process. 

Holding an insurance license obligates an advisor to discuss insurance or as a minimum refer clients to an insurance specialist. To not do so significantly increases the likelihood of being sued. After all, mourning heirs can easily be persuaded that their grief will be lessened with proceeds from a lawsuit against the deceased’s financial advisor(s). 

Dually licensed advisors committed to finding a methodology to the holistic approach available to them by virtue of the licenses they hold are ideally positioned to make an enormous difference to their clients, heirs, community and country!

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